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Pit Fire pottery,

Team Building

The creative pottery experience offers a unique opportunity for self-discovery and to improve team dynamics. Your team building event is customizable, is suitable for all skill levels, and is a great place to create, innovate, and put your problem-solving to the test. We offer a few different projects depending on group size and desired outcome.

Workshop Options:

Hand-building: Participants will create their own unique mug using the traditional slab building technique. This workshop can accommodate a larger group of up to 20 participants.

Wheel-throwing: Participants will be given 500g of clay to make two small pieces or to form one larger piece on the potter's wheel. This workshop can accommodate smaller groups of up to 5 people.

Collaborative tile mosaic: A preliminary design for this creative workshop can be used as a team bonding workshop, exploration of organizations values, or as a way of expressing people’s individuality within a larger community. 

All tools, aprons, and materials will be provided- we recommend wearing clothes you don’t mind getting messy. 

After the workshop, your projects should be ready within 3-4 weeks, we will glaze and fire the pots so they become functional wear.

We encourage a relaxed environment so please feel free to arrange beverages and catering for the workshop! We are happy to recommend our local venders to fulfil your needs.

Duration: TBD

Location/venue: Due to the delicate nature of clay, the workshop must take place at our studio location so we can manage post-production glazing and firing.

Please send an email or WhatsApp to make inquiries and arrangements for your team-building event.

+852 6680 6763

Team Building: Welcome
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