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Frequently Asked Questions

What is clay?

Clay is soft, sticky, decomposed rock; it should bend and stretch without breaking when you pinch it. Clay comes from the earth. Commonly found on riverbanks, where the topsoil has been eroded, or if you dig deep under the topsoil.

What is glaze?

Glaze is a fine glass coating that covers the surface of pottery, it is made up of silica, alumina and flux with additional chemicals to give each glaze its unique color and characteristics. All our studio glazes are food safe and non-toxic.

What is pottery?

Pottery is broadly known as objects made from clay: earthenware, stonewear and/or porcelain, that have been treated with heat resulting in vessels that can hold water and food. The ancient technology of pottery is said to predate the invention of the wheel.

Do you teach wheel throwing?

Yes? You can book a wheel throwing workshop here. Or if you join the ongoing pottery classes you will be introduced to wheel throwing after covering the handbuilding basics.

How long are the workshops?

Workshops and adult classes usually run 2 hours. Ongoing children’s classes are 1 hour per lesson.

What is hand-building?

There are three main handbuilding techniques: pinching, coiling and slab-building.

Why does it take so long?

Pottery must be completely air dried before going through the bisque fire, this can take up to a week depending on the weather and humidity. Then they must be glazed and fired again.

Do you have a kiln?

Yes, we have two kilns at the studio.

Is your pottery food safe?

Yes, all our pottery is fired to temperatures over 1200℃ so they can be used the same as any other commercially bought ceramics, with the exception of surface with a shiny matanic finish.

Can I visit your studio?

Yes! Visitors are welcome when the potters are in. Appointments are best and can be made via WhatsApp 6680 6763.

Do you offer Children's classes?

Yes, we offer classes for children ages 6+ on a project term basis; be sure to follow our Instagram and Facebook for class announcements.

Do you teach adults classes?

Yes, we run ongoing classes during the week please WhatsApp 66806763 for the current schedule.

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